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Plans & Pricing

Network devices to monitor


Ideal for small teams looking for fast and affordable cybersecurity

$2,275 / month
Full-scale Security
15 Day Hot Storage
6 Month Log Storage
8/5 Support


Ideal for teams looking for enhanced cybersecurity monitoring

$2,375 / month
Full-scale Security
30 Day Hot Storage
12 Month Log Storage
24/7 Support


Ideal for large size teams looking for broader analystics

$4,775 / month
Full-scale Security
180 Day Hot Storage
36 Month Log Storage
24/7 Support
Compliance Solution

Managed Security Services Pricing

Managed Security Serivce Provider (MSSP) pricing is determined by a number of factors. When selecting an MSSP to manage your company’s cyber defense and wider IT concerns, there are several variables that influence how much you will pay. 

Some of the elements that influence the cost of managed security services are:


The cost of managed security services can vary depending on the depth of the insight and analytics you choose. Pricing for TrustNet's Essential Plan starts at $2,275 dollars per month but can range all the way up to $15,000+ dollars per month for larger teams looking for deeper analytics.


The size of your company, including the number of employees and physical and digital assets you need to safeguard, affects pricing in a dynamic way. Organizations with more computers, users, and digital assets should expect to pay a greater monthly cost.

Pricing Model

The MSSP rate is determined by a MSSP pricing model, which is dependent on the number of users, devices, or other variables.

Per Device Pricing

GhostWatch uses individual a device-centric approach in our pricing model, which focuses on single devices. Per-device pricing is by far the simplest and most common model, with 42% of MSSPs employing it.

The point of device monitoring is to blanket security coverage over every single device in a business’s network and to keep track of things like:

Everyone's activity

The structure of an organization's security implementation

Weaknesses that might be exposed

Interconnection with other systems

For a business with a growing staff and stable hardware, this flat fee establishes consistency in an ever-changing market.      Per-device pricing provides maximum freedom and efficiency since companies understand exactly how adding a specific number of devices will affect their budget.

GhostWatch is an all-in-one managed security solution

We secure and monitor your entire technology stack from end-to-end