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GhostWatch analyzes and detects vulnerabilities in critical assets and assigns a risk factor to each vulnerability corresponding with the Common Vulnerability Scoring System.

Cloud and On-premises

GhostWatch supports public cloud deployments including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
On-premises infrastructure is supported through GhostWatch’s integrated hardware appliances.

Amazon Web Services

• AWS API asset discovery
• CloudTrail monitoring and alerting
• Amazon S3 access log monitoring and alerting
• ELB access log monitoring and alerting
• AWS infrastructure assessment
• NIDS packet inspection

Microsoft Azure

• Azure API asset discovery
• Azure REST API monitoring and alerting
• Azure infrastructure assessment
• Azure security alerts
• Azure Microsoft Windows log locations

Google Cloud Platform

• GCP API asset discovery
• Cloud Pub/Sub monitoring and alerting
• Audit logs
• Stackdriver audit logs

Security Monitoring

The GhostWatch dashboard provides complete visibility of threats, incidents, response, and compliance management.


Monitoring every security event and staying on top of what’s important

  • SIEM / Event correlation
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Intrusion detection


 Linking every asset, vulnerability, intrusion, and remediation

  • NetFlow monitoring
  • Actionable and relevant threat intelligence
  • Real-time view of emerging global threats


Security analysts have all the puzzle pieces in a single view

  • +4,500 correlation directives and growing every day
  • Continuous real-time updates 24/7
  • Global threat intelligence

Threat Management

Our platform synchronizes threat detection, incident response, and threat management for rapid remediation

Advanced Endpoint
Threat Detection

Intrusion Detection

Threat Analysis

Ransomware Detection

Advanced Endpoint
Threat Prevention

Advanced Remediation

Vulnerability Management

GhostWatch detects vulnerabilities in critical assets and assigns a risk factor to each vulnerability corresponding with the Common Vulnerability Scoring System

Vulnerability assessment and remediation

Continuously identify insecure configurations, unpatched, and unsupported software.

  • On-demand and scheduled scanning and reporting

  • Vulnerability scanning with actionable information

  • Context for security incident response

Vulnerability scanning

A simplified and more manageable network vulnerability scanner. GhostWatch stays ahead of attackers with advanced features.

  • Simple configuration and scheduling

  • Intuitive dashboard and reporting

  • Regular updates

Threat Intelligence

Connected to a global community of threat researchers and security professionals

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⠀⠀Daily threat indicators
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Daily threat indicators

Threat Intelligence

GhostWatch detects the latest global threats and prioritizes responses

Data Exfiltration Detection

Prevents leakage of sensitive and proprietary data

Real-Time Botnet Detection

Identify infection, compromise, and misuse of assets

Command-and-Control Traffic Identification

Identify compromised systems communicating with malicious hackers

IP, URL, and Domain Reputation Data

Prioritize response efforts by identifying known bad actors and infected sites

APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Detection

Detect targeted attacks often missed by other defenses

Dynamic Incident Response and Investigation

Specific directives to respond to each alert

Network Security

Complete network security monitoring and intrusion detection.

Asset discovery and inventory

To secure your network, first we need to know what to protect. GhostWatch will discover, inventory, and start monitoring your network in minutes.

Built-in asset discovery tools:

  • Identify what’s on your network at any given time
  • Understand how your devices are configured
  • Correlate asset info with threat and vulnerability data
  • Accelerate investigations of impacted assets

Behavioral monitoring

Polymorphic malware and zero day exploits often bypass preventative security measures. Context is critical so GhostWatch dives deep and continuously gathers data to understand “normal” system and network activity.

Behavioral monitoring capabilities include:

  • Service and Infrastructure Monitoring
  • NetFlow Analysis
  • Network Protocol Analysis / Packet Capture

Continuous security monitoring

Evolving threats are increasing in volume and frequency. These threats reduce the efficacy of static monitoring. Continuous security monitoring fills this gap to provide a comprehensive view of your IT environment and security posture.

Asset management and inventory

Within minutes of installation, GhostWatch discovers IP-enabled devices on your network, installed software, configuration, potential vulnerabilities, and active threats.

Log Management

GhostWatch performs advanced log analysis to provide actionable intelligence and threat alerts.

Event Correlation

Log Analysis

Multifunctional Reporting

Compliance Management

GhostWatch facilitates compliance with many common regulatory compliance requirements including