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Top Managed Security Services Company 2021

Even after more than a year into the pandemic, the business world is still struggling to address the cybersecurity challenges that it has introduced. As organizations are rapidly bolstering their digital transformation efforts to seamlessly run their everyday operation, cloud systems and servers are becoming lucrative targets for cybercriminals. To this end, businesses need a partner who can holistically address all their security-related concerns.

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Enter TrustNet

TrustNet is an industry-leading managed security services provider that empowers businesses to build trusted relationships with their partners, customers, and employees. The company caters to private and public, mid-sized to large organizations across various industries worldwide, including healthcare, financial services, contact centers, energy, and utilities, to name a few. “Managed security services have largely evolved into managed detection and response services. With our improved tools and evolved approach, we can detect cyber threats and respond quickly before events turn catastrophic,” mentions Trevor Horwitz, Founder and CISO, TrustNet. “We offer our technology and expertise to clients and counter the growing cyber security threats”.

At its core, TrustNet follows a threefold approach comprising of detecting, containing, and defeating attacks. The company’s methodology involves building a solid foundation by analyzing clients’ network architecture and conducting a comprehensive discovery process.

The process enables TrustNet to identify the assets in the network and then classify them based on their value to the overall business environment. It also filters out the vulnerabilities from the architecture, ultimately leaving clients with a focused set of data differentiating real threats from false positives. With such comprehensive cyber security strategies in place, TrustNet has gleaned numerous success stories and much client appreciation. For instance, when a California based company felt the pressure of meeting PCI compliance requirements, it found TrustNet’s expertise and software suite to be the most trustworthy. “The client was under tremendous pressure to comply with the PCI guidelines within a tight deadline to get an audit. Without it, they would have been otherwise prohibited from accepting payment cards, which constituted 95 percent of their revenues.

They required an on-premise solution and we installed both our hardware and software within their environment in record time,” narrates Horwitz. Soon, the company passed the PCI audit with flying colors. In another instance, an early stage company had significant gaps in its security approach while negotiating a large contract with a well known Fortune 500 company. To resolve security gaps, the company needed a cloud-based managed security service and reached out to TrustNet. Within just a few days TrustNet had the managed security system running and enabled the client to win the deal with the Fortune 500 company.

Even after garnering huge number of successful customer stories, TrustNet is still going strong discovering its potential through an aggressive roadmap. Being well-settled in the U.S., TrustNet expanded its footprint into the European market several years ago, reaching more clients and attracting more technical talent to its team. Having new minds in the team has empowered the company to cater to clients 24/7 and deliver significant value. “Our experience, talent, and technology are the key drivers of the excellent value we deliver to clients. Our team approach propels us to collaborate with other technology companies, including AT&T, AWS, Google, and Microsoft, and that ensures the befit security outcomes for our clients,” concludes Horwitz.