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One platform to track and manage your controls, audit-proof, audits, and issues✔ Automate workflows and evidence collection
✔ Spend less time doing tedious work
✔ Manage audits with confidence and predictable outcomes

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72+ Supported Frameworks

Jumpstart your compliance journey with frameworks and controls mapping. Over 72 industry frameworks with hundreds of controls and best practices. Custom frameworks available on-demand. Automated framework updates ensure controls continue to meet evolving industry standards.

Automate Trust

Out of the box, GhostWatch supports 100’s of native cloud-app integration points, including services, apps, and dev tools. Plus, our open API automates data collection from practically any system. GhostWatch reduces complexity, ensures continuous compliance, and saves your team hundreds of hours of tedious work.

Your security and compliance copilot

Centralized Management
Plan and execute security and compliance activities, including controls, proof, audits, and issues

Jumpstart Compliance
72 industry frameworks out-of-the-box and growing, plus custom frameworks on-demand

Policy and Procedures Center
Dynamic, customized, and detailed controls mapped to compliance objectives

Automate Workflows
Assign control ownership, streamline management, and ensure real-time visibility across domains

Accelerate Audit Preparation
Find potential deficiencies with automated pre-audits for more predictable audit outcomes

Manage Remediation
Security engineers and compliance experts provide year-round support and guidance

Automate Audit Proof
Automate evidence collection, store centrally, and reuse across objectives and frameworks

Real-time Visibility
Assess the health of your controls in real-time and proactively manage potential deficiencies

Accredited Audit Reports
Trusted and professional audits from our in-house team of security and compliance auditors

Accelerate your compliance journey for free

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